How To Find Great Outdoor Locations For A Shoot

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Studio shoots are great since you get to control the light, circumstances and environment. Outdoor locations provide more of a challenge. You have to work with what you’ve got and make it surpass your client’s expectations in the progress. However, if you do manage to make it work, you’ll have some shots that are far greater than what you would get in your studio. Here are some things you’ll want to keep in mind when looking for that perfect outside location for your model.

Location Scouting

The most important thing to remember when picking your location is that the location itself should complement the model you’re working with, not the other way around. The internet will be your best friend in online scouting, allowing you to look at places where others have got their best shots instead of cycling round town trying to find that perfect spot.

Smaller detailing

Another aspect to keep in mind is that you will not always need the whole backgrounds, rather the smaller details to fill in your shot. For example, you would not need a whole baseball field but it would be great to rather make use of the metal chain fence that surrounds the field by placing your model to pose in front of it to get your shot. So if the location you see at a glance doesn’t fit your criteria, take that second glance and see if there are smaller details that would fit in with the theme.

The deep blue seas

An even more challenging environment but one that takes your shoot to an elevated level if you succeed, given the perfect sunrises and sunsets you could capture. You could invest in a barge hire to get your equipment and your model to the exact spot you need to be in or even take your own boat. Visit for boat salvage.


Unless it goes with the theme of your shoot, a little cleanliness goes a long way. Adjust the surroundings so you don’t have a wad of paper on the ground or other dirt lying around etc. For example, using the above scenario- make sure to get your moorings Sydney Harbour thoroughly seen to before you set off in case you decide to take some rustic photos inside the boat as well. The options are endless so you might as well exhaust every one of them while at sea.


The time you choose to have your shoot or the amount of shade available plays a significant role. For example, direct light will have objects looking more washed out and white while softer light at around the time of dusk will bring out a beautiful bluish, purple tone in your photos. So pick your times wisely and make your move. Consider these tips when making your decision and you’ll be left with the perfect outdoor location for your shoots.