Different Kinds of Reels

Different Kinds of Reels

One of the most carried out activity is fishing, and daily more than 1 million people do it. for a beginner there are many thing to learn and many equipment to know. Fishing tools are very essential if you want to catch a good fish. You’re fishing skill and equipments are the perfect match that can lure a big fish into your trap. There are many different kinds of equipments used in fishing, but rods and reels are the main two. Many different kinds of reels are available in the market, and each kind is used for different purpose.

A reel is mounted at the end of a rod and onto the reel is the line wounded. There are three major kinds of reels, and they are classified on the basis of speed and the ball bearing used in them and is available in the entire leading garmin sounders. Normally the reels are judged by how smooth they feel when they are taken into the hand. Some of the major types of reel are:-

Spin Case Reel

This is probably the cheapest kind of reel and is also very easy to use. Spin case reel are perfect for the beginners. This kind of reel will make learning fishing very easy and also help you catch a good fish. Spin cast usually comes with a button which if pushed releases the line. There is usually a enclosed nosecone from which usually the lines comes out. This kind of reels is usually mounted on top to the rod by using a casual angler. This kind of arrangement usually catches out small to medium fishes. 

Open Face Reel

Open face reel a bit difficult to use than spin cast reel. An open face reel comes in many different sizes and can be easily found in fishing online store. There are ultra-light models available which are used for small tackles, and the big bruiser is ones are used to catching bigger fishes. This kind of reel is most used in a situation where a longer casting range is required. This kind of rods is more limber than bait casting ones. Limberness is their most important quality, and that is what makes this kind of reel the perfect choice for casting baits or lures. 

Bait Casting Reel

Bait casting reel is one of the most complicated reels available in the market. Though it is not recommended for your first try but can be very handy once you have perfected the art. This kind of reel comes in many different varieties depending upon its size. There is much light in weight models that are mainly used to catch small fishes, and the bigger ones are used to catch big fishes. This kind of reel is used when a heavier cover is targeted. It has got ability to handle big heavy lines and lured easily. This kind can also catch big fishes that are not matched to its weight ratio.

Author: Fleur Lepage