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  • Things The Outdoor Enthusiast Can Do In British Columbia All Year Round

    Canada is a great country to visit at any time of the year, and its region of British Columbia (BC) has become a favorite destination of the outdoor explorer. British Columbia is rich with breathtaking scenery, and this region of Canada will give you the best experience of all four seasons. If you are a nature-lover and like to enjoy the natural beauty of a land that is rich with flora, fauna and wildlife, then British Columbia is a must-visit destination. Check out the most popular activities you can experience in the region’s great outdoors;
    Set Off into the Woods on a Hiking Trip A quiet hike along the mountain trails of BC is the perfect way to start the day during your vacation. You will be able to enjoy the picture perfect scenery of the beautiful countryside while trekking along the footpaths frequented by both beginners and experts. You can choose a trail of your liking based on your level of hiking experience. Whichever path you choose to follow, prepare to be awed by the remarkable landscape of the mountainous expanse of BC.
    Embrace the Wildlife of the RegionExperiencing the wildlife of the region will become one of the fondest memories of your stay in BC. Campsites which border the rivers are preferred by overnight hikers and families for viewing the wildlife of the adjoining woodlands. Outdoor water activities such as fishing trips are also enjoyable while allowing you to witness the natural habitat of fish and other animals in the region.
    Many visitors take fishing trips to experience fly fishing and bar fishing in the lakes, creeks and rivers.
    Go Mountain BikingBiking and cycling are two of the most enjoyable experiences in BC. If you are a beginner, try taking the hiking trails as bike paths to start off with. There are plenty of downhill paths in the mountains for the more practiced bike riders. The availability of bike parks makes it even more fun to go biking for visitors of all age groups, while ensuring safety. Also see this awesome British Columbia fishing lodges.
    Take a Scenic Drive down the Winding Roads If you enjoy long drives, then BC will not disappoint you. The roads are long and winding and the view is simply amazing. You are bound to enjoy a drive around the mountains no matter what time of the year it is, because the scenery of British Columbia is beautiful all year round. You can even take a self-guided sightseeing tour on clearly marked driving routes.