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  • Gone Fishing – What To Pack

    Hook, line and sinker – the basic requirements for a day on the lake, right? Well, not exactly. Fishing is one of the most loved and oldest hobbies that men enjoy doing together. It gives them a chance to relax; to not actually do anything; but with the slight chance of reward. What could be better?
    Fishing trips are the quite essential male bonding activity and require little more than the above-mentioned tools. However, if you take fishing a little more serious – it gets more complicated than that.
    Although fishing trips are meant for bonding, a steady number of men have taken up competitive fishing http://www.southerncoastcharters.com.au/, which is understandable, given the pleasant outdoorsy playing field, the challenging nature of the game and the fact that you can actually enjoy a beer while doing it.
    However, whether the goal is to enjoy a relaxing day out or to enjoy a bit of healthy competition, here are a few basic things you will need to take along for your trip:
    Functional clothing
    First and foremost, be sure to check the weather forecast for your trip. Water sources can get very chilly, especially before or after sunset.
    The best way to prepare for unexpected weather is to dress in layers that will allow you to add or take off clothing items as needed.
    Pack good quality clothes such as windshirts, polar fleece, rain suits, waterproof shoes, insulated gloves and accessories such as polarised glasses and a hat. Pack all of these and other necessities as listed below in a waterproof bag.
    Essential items
    Depending on the location of your trip, remember to pack any necessary passports and fishing licences.
    Food and water
    Fishing spots are often remote, so remember to take enough filtered water and snacks to last you while you are out on the water.
    Fishing equipment
    Pack your fishing equipment according to the following considerations:
    At your local sporting goods store, ask the following questions:

    What’s do you plan on catching
    What is the best way to catch it
    What is the weather like

    There are various different fish in any given location and as many ways to catch them. Some techniques are more effective for catching specific breeds, for instance fly fishing is used to catch trout. Be sure to take the correct gear with you for the conditions and the fish you intend to catch.  
    The basic tools needed are a fishing rod and reel, a line, bait and a toolbox with gear. Organic vs manufactured bait also requires different gear, so be sure to fully research this before you go, unless the trip is simply about dropping a line in the water and relaxing.